Day to Day

Its amazing how quickly one can settle down to a new life, new routine, new places, people, jobs… all of a sudden the new is familiar. Unusual – usual. Found myself waltzing down the grand stairs at work today as if I owned the place! A few months ago I was taking the lift due to unfitness. I’m also used to the warm weather, I don’t even consider taking a jumper to work anymore, just the cinema cause here they are like a deep freeze!


Then there are all the new new things I have had to do. Like applying for my learners driving licence. Here in South Africa you fill out a form, queue for 4 hours, have an eye test and book an appointment to write a test on rules of the road etc. Did that. Then you go and take the test. If you fail you have to queue again for 4 hours and go through the process from the beginning! Thankfully I passed!

Now I have to learn to drive, open a bank account, get health insurance, pick a church to attend, try out a Scottish Dancing club, go through a South African autumn and winter, oh and we are getting a cat! So here’s to settling into the new and taking on the new new!

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