A weird few months

So it’s been a weird few months…

I’m sure everyone has their own story about lockdown and what they have been up to. I’ve seen some chat along the lines of “2020 as a year should just be written off” and I wonder what these peeps are measuring life by? I understand that it has been very different and very difficult for a lot of people and I think we need to be real about that – not avoid it.

I also believe life is so much more than the hours we work, the money we earn or even how many adventures abroad we have. I guess also beyond that life is not the sum of one year but rather the sum of, well, a life. A whole life. So lockdown got me thinking (more than usual) what is the sum of my life? What do I measure and pursue that makes up my life? How will it all add up one day to a legacy that I can be proud of, that I can nod at and say, “Yes, that was me.” And in no way be left with the thought, “Oooo maybe that should be written off.”

Of course there is much we can not control – parameters that are prescribed to us by the times or by society or even by our own previous bad choices. But that is not a helpful place to live from. I want to learn how to better question, re-frame and actively participate in the present – in life. Believing this will not only benefit me in the long term but the lives of future generations.

One of the questions I lean into when considering what is important to me is ‘What are the things that bug me on a daily basis?’ I’ve found this to be a very accurate guide as often what motivates and inspires us is the opposite of the things that frustrate and sadden us.

Each time I buy milk in a plastic bottle I feel sad – but as of last week our household gets all our milk delivered in glass bottles. Such a good feeling everyday now opening that fridge and seeing hopes and dreams come true one milk bottle at a time!

What are my hopes and dreams? Is another question I ask myself but I find it helpful to frame it this way, ‘What could I do or implement today that come the end of the week I would still be buzzing about?’ This way I celebrate the small wins and approach larger dreams in a cumulative fashion. I can be over the moon with having emptied my washing basket or having posted that blog I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

So here I am checking back in. Doing and celebrating some things I can be proud of by the end of the week.

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