Week 23

Yes, you read that right – week 23 of our Community Cafe venturing! So its been a while since my last update – in fact it was on week 2 (oops). As usual things haven’t worked out exactly as I thought but in the best ways. Its been a stretching few months, fun, challenging, desperate at times and full of laughs at others.

I have been up to all sorts as well as pursuing starting the Community Cafe. I have been looking for part time work, doing some odd jobs for friends and family, visiting friends and family, reading, meditating, simplifying my life by focusing on what is most important to me and setting myself up for a season of new things.

Life can get so full and as I have taken time to stop and measure quantity vs quality of each individual aspect – it has been freeing to let go of things that on examination do not add any value to my life as a whole. It’s one thing to take a minimalist approach to your closet or your things. Taking it a step further by reevaluating your actions and how you spend your time, while unsettling at first, can be extremely refreshing in the long run!

Last week I started working at Caffe Nero on a part time basis. This will give me much needed experience in the coffee industry, a much needed income and still allow me time to initiate projects and workshops to develop and work towards the Community Cafe venture!

Excited I am.

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