I had different aspirations for today than what actually ended up happening. In fact that could be said for the whole of this week.

There is this great word in Afrikaans Verlep which means “to droop, to fade, to wither, to wilt”. There just isn’t an English equivalent that feels as descriptive – especially as the Afrikaans language has such a wonderful way of sounding like the thing it’s describing.

This morning I noticed that my mint plant was looking rather dead and pathetic. It was well and truly verlep. To add insult to injury the aphids has been enjoying it more than me! I wasn’t sure how far gone it was. The leaves were all withered. The stems bent double.

So instead of doing the other things I was hoping to get to today I tended to my mint. I gave it a good long soak, removed all the dead leaves, water sprayed off as many aphids as possible and picked a few off by hand (aphids just gross me out)!

I also cleaned the kitchen, did a load of washing, tidied my room, changed my sheets, played some candy crush, listened to half a pod cast, read few pages of a book, watched some “Wheel of Musical Impressions” clips from the Jimmy Fallon show (FYI Ariana Grande is the best), tried to fix the leaking toilet, caught up on some emails and made brownies (adding this just in case anyone is documenting our present lives for future generations or you are someone from the year 3000 reading this because you are want to know what life was like back in 2018).

After a full but not so fulfilled day the mint looks great. It is fully revived. You wouldn’t know it was totally verlep this morning.

My day also now feels somehow redeemed. And perhaps this week wasn’t wasted. In fact I know it wasn’t. Had some great times this week. Just not the times I expected.

When you are feeling verlep – remember you used to be blooming – and you will bloom again.

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