Week 2

Baaaahhhh! Can’t quite believe this is only week two of my jump into full time pursuit of this Community Cafe venture. After years of thinking about it on and off and then a whole year of trying to initiate something its weird to have so much time to focus on it. Oh the pressure!! (hee hee)

It actually hasn’t been as pressure packed as I thought and that’s because the truth is there is only so much you can do. Only so many steps you can take till you have to wait for something. Be that funding, staff, premises, ideas, other people / potential partners etc. So I am pacing it out. Got my lists of to do’s I’m gradually working through.

It’s been so great to be able to talk about it. To meet up with loads of friends and contacts to talk about it. With each conversation or meeting I have the idea gets more and more refined and the path to get there (or at least the essentials needed to make it happen)  become clearer. We have a greater understanding of what we are about and what we are NOT about! Major progress point 1.

Major progress point 2: I have applied to get help from Just Enterprise and so we have a meeting with them in a week’s time to get some business start up advice.

Time to put together a business plan.

“What?!?! You haven’t done one yet?” I hear you cry in dismay.

Well no. I haven’t.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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