Community Cafe

For the last 10 years – maybe beyond – I have had a desire to get people together to create, to enjoy, to share ideas and do what they are great at (A Community Cafe seems the ideal setting for this). I have tried a few times in various locations I have been living to make something happen. To begin. To gather and do. But it has never previously got past the ideas stage.

This time it feels different. This time will be different. I have quit my job – that is how much I believe and hope that this dream will become a reality.

A few people have mentioned blogging about it. I already have this blog so I thought why not. I agree with the sentiment of recording the creation of something so that a) we can look back and remember where we started b) others can learn from our process (successes and mistakes) and perhaps most importantly c) to help us / me think and feel through the details and gain perspective along the way.

Like all things we start there is the fear of no follow through. That like other things I have started this will amount to nothing. But that really is up to me. I have to ask myself: ‘what do I want and hope for above what I fear?’

Another fear in blogging is how honest to be… will people respect me, will they believe and have faith in this venture when they hear how I am (honestly) going about it?!?

Well that is a risk I am going to take as integrity is a very important value to me! So is community so I will not / can not do this in isolation. I have already had so much help and encouragement. Thank you all for believing in me and with me.

God is my greatest help of all. This was his idea and he has great ideas! (He also has access to all the resources to make it happen)

This week I begin with collating all the writing we have so far: ideas, vision statements, values etc. and coming up with a plan of action. At this point I should probably also say that I am not venturing out on this alone but have a great friend with a similar dream and we are on this adventure together.

Here we go!



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