So this seems to be a hot topic at the moment. A few years ago it was ethical clothing and before that fairtrade…  I am not normally “with it” on these things but the buzz around this has reached even me!

So far I have seen a few articles on Facebook and quite a few of my friends have brought it up in conversation. Google “Plastic” and you will see everyone is getting their two cents in. I even saw a clip by an American actress quoting stats on Europe’s problem with plastic and I was like… WHAT?!? But that’s going off topic.

I am not gonna lie to you – I know no where near enough about this issue. Often when we become aware of ethical or environmental problems we know we ought to care – in fact we DO care but it just seems so big and overwhelming. Any significant change towards better feels so totally out of our control that we give up before we begin. Leave it to the fanatics and activists.

I think what they would tell you (with a lot more details and actual facts to back it up) is this is not just a problem. It is our problem. And until we own it, collectively and individually, we will see little breakthrough and change.

So to help me, and whoever else would like a helping hand on this journey, I thought I would do a series of blogs about plastic. What’s the big fuss? What’s my role in it? What can I do to make a difference?

On the outset I specifically want to say this is not about judging others or feeling bad about your choices. I want this to be about raising awareness – being conscious of what choices we are making and what options are out there if we wish to change. To be honest with working full time, having a social life, eating right, exercising (or more like not), managing my finances, planning for the future (oh yeah and having fun!) already filling my time and mind – part of me thinks; what am I doing?!

Then I remember a very special encounter I had recently in one of my favourite places, the sea, with a sting ray. I was getting out the water onto the beach, trying to walk around this black rock, when the rock kept moving and I realised it was no rock but a living creature. The ray swam right under me in no more than 2/3 feet of water. A-mazing!

Out of all the time I take thinking about my life and my future, that memory makes me wanna make time to think about that sting ray – its life and future. Which is unsurprisingly wrapped up in mine and the choices I make today and tomorrow.

Let’s see what we can do to make those breath-taking encounters a thing of the future not just the past!



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