One’s ness

I have been reflecting on the year ahead and the year that is past. What has surprised me most is people (this includes myself). The things that we are great at. The things we struggle with.

I have this picture in my minds eye as I think of it… like a grey vista with what I can only describe as “Beam me up, Scotty” rings. Other wise known as transporter rings or discs on the ground. Each representing each individual persons place, the space they inhabit in the world.

I’ve met many different types of people so far and they still intrigue, baffle, inspire, disappoint and challenge me. I feel like much of the human world is grey somehow by default. As we stand in our place, our environments, at times even within ourselves, we have a choice. Will our space perpetuate the grey or fill it with light and colour?

I think the thing that has disappointed or saddened me most this last year are the people I have met that don’t seem to inhabit the space given them. For one reason or another (and some of their reasons are seriously valid) they are barely holding themselves together. Some wrapping even more grey around themselves as cushioning against the world.

I’ve had times in that grey. I have people very close to me who have been there too.

I am not going to lie to you. We all know there is no quick and easy fix for it’s dull deadening blandness.

But I also know that I have had people throw their colour and light my way in those times. People who have surprised and delighted me with their warmth. Others who unashamedly have doused me in it as if with a whole bucket of paint!

Nature is another advocate of unashamed light and colour. If you go out into a meadow in spring, with the wild grass and the flowers, there is a lightness and beauty that clings to you. If you take a wonder through a forest in autumn, where the red and orange leaves crunch underfoot, the crisp cold will bring out the warmth in your very chest. If you sit on a beach and watch the waves wash in and out, the deep blue will speak to you of questions and possibilities yet to be comprehended. Then there is the green – the green of life and growth. Cultivated ordered green. Wild entangled green…

The memories and joys I carry forward into the new year are of these moments. Of those colourful people I have met who surprised me with their warmth and love. With it’s gentleness. With it’s brashness.

Don’t misunderstand me. We don’t all have to shine like blasting vivid rainbows. There are few people like that. They are needed. But they are few.

You are also needed. Your light. Your colour.

Imagine. What a beautiful landscape we could paint!



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