Live Space

You know when you are in a place or with a certain person where you just feel limited. Constrained.

If you have the time and insight to stop and think about it you realise it is because their beliefs and values, the words that come out of their mouth and their behaviours only provide this much           space.

Only a little room for you to be you. For you to grow.

To fail.

To try. To succeed.

I truly believe that we grow, even shrink, to fit the space provided for us.

I am very fortunate to have had an upbringing that has been so wide and varied that I grew up knowing there was always more. More opportunities. More places to see. More things to try. More risks to take. More fun to have. More space. Space to grow and develop, and most importantly to my heart, space to fully enjoy myself.

I have a mother who is the most fun “grown up” I have ever met. She is wise and knowledgeable but can throw caution to the wind in order to have an adventure. To discover a wider space. And to fill it!

As she stands on the edge of the wide open space it doesn’t frighten her because she knows who she is and that she is amazing. She knows that given the chance she can fill it. She knows that there are bigger wider spaces beyond – and those are filled with possibilities for even more adventure and fun.

I wish everyone could meet my mom. You either love or hate her. Most people love her. And you know why?

Because people (like her) their beliefs, values, the words that come out of their mouths, their behaviours whisper (at times shout), “See this space I am in? You can explore it too. Come out into the open! Take a risk. Stretch out and have a go at something unknown to you – it can only become known. And while you are at it you will become known to yourself. And maybe just maybe you will come to know just how amazing you are – and enjoy it!”

That’s scary for most of us. But fear and excitement I find feel very similar. So I often just persuade myself to go with excitement as the dominant feeling!

I’d like to invite you into this space.

I’d like to encourage you to think of people that make you feel this way – excited, hopeful, free – and plan to spend time with them.

Or maybe there is a book or film that brings wide open spaces alive in your heart and imagination. Read / watch them.

Maybe you are a Christian like me and you know that Jesus came to give us life in all its fullness. Don’t settle. A boxed-in religious life is no life at all. Go after Him.

Or than again you may not be a Christian but something in your heart says, “Yes! I want this full life.” Ask Jesus. He knows your heart and is waiting right beside you to breathe His life into it.


He stood me up on a wide-open field;
    I stood there saved—surprised to be loved!

Psalm 18 vs 19

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