Feel – Do – Think

As hinted at and mentioned explicitly (although some people would question my capability when it come to explicitness!) many times previously I get ideas for all sorts of things. Sometimes I’ll be trying to think of something but most of the time they hit me when I am out and about. When I see something or someone and think ooooooo that would be cool or this would be awesome.

You know that feeling when you are doing something you really love, or laughing real hard with a friend, or when you have a sweet dream and wake up and everything is ok – just right.

Well that’s the feeling I get with these ideas – with the imagining down the rabbit hole of possibilities. This leads me to believe that these ideas don’t really start in my head but are somehow birthed out my heart. Out of my affections. Out of my loves and desires.

It’s awesome but sometimes hard to follow up with thought. To take an idea – a feeling – birthed like that and put flesh to it mentally is difficult. Well I find it difficult. That step from feeling to though to action. Eish!

I had an experience this last week that simplified it for me. I have been wanting to join a singing group as I used to be part of a Barbershop choir and really miss it. I found a community choir locally but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for so I went once and didn’t go back. I thought I don’t need more chores in my life; I need more joys!

So I found another group and to cut a long story short, despite thought obstacles, decided to go along for a taster session and see what happened or rather how I felt when there. Turned out that I had a blast, spontaneously auditioned the same evening and got accepted to join.

My conclusion: Do first think later. If it brings joy and life to your heart and those around you – go for it! You can always decide what you think about the experience afterwards.

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