Had coffee with an amazing friend of mine this week and left feeling incredibly inspired to go after the desires burning in my heart. Some are simple things that can be accomplished in a day – like writing this blog and uploading a few photos to fb. Others will take years to accomplish.

The idea of “years to accomplish” (and very possible failure to accomplish) have prevented me putting into action many of my desires and ideas. But this time I came home and started. I have begun – activated a few ideas.

I’m not sure how many people have heard of Strengths Finder… Well I got the book (thanks to another activating friend of mine!) and did the test online to find out what my top five strengths are. It was so good to focus on the things I am great and could be more and more awesome at. They include the strength of Maximiser, Empathy, Connectedness, Strategy and Adaptibiltiy.

My goal is to unpack these strengths here and in various ways in my life – by putting into action my ideas and well… just being me!

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