In activity


Not been on here in a while. If you are wondering why see my previous post on Resistance! Hee hee – have to laugh so that the residual feeling is not plain disappointment. We have all been there – some of us just linger longer than others.

I am here now.

I am coming to the end of a two week holiday. The first week I spent holidaying – resting, relaxing, eating what I like – seeing whomever I like! The second week I set aside to get around to things I’ve been meaning to get around to: I went to Ikea, got a kitten, tidied out my spare room and made a life organiser chart thingy (wonder how long that will last). I have also slept alot, eaten alot and vegged… alot.

I realise that there are very few “activities” that give me energy and a great many activities that, while fun and constructive, use up my energy. Some activities are not optional at this point in my life such as working, eating and sleeping. I find it amusing that my decision to get an 11 week old kitten comes with the not so optional extra activity of cleaning out it’s litter tray! On the other hand having Tigger around, playing and (my favourite) napping together, does add energy to my life.IMG_2847_Fotor

Its the same with many other activities. I have just cleaned my whole flat and the physical and metal space it creates – although exhausting presently – in the end is energising for the week to come.

What would my life look like if I better understood this cycle of pro-activity, activity and re-activation? What does restful re-energising activity look like? What can I confidently add to my list under “sleep”?

Or perhaps I pour too much of my energy into activities that do not pay out for me – neither in the future nor the present. My conclusion – or rather goal after these two weeks off is to plan more time off. To take more intentional breaks from the 9-5 work, and let’s be honest the 5-9 vegging, to get around to the things that I wanna get around to! Maybe even try out some more restful re-energising activities.

First stop – post blog.

Second stop – a little yoga.




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