A green pool noodle falls off the edge, into the pool and floats across the surface of the clear water. That’s how I feel today – afloat, at ease, supported.

I listen to the washing machine filling, the ceiling fan turn and the pool pump whir, see the light and the green and the shade outside, feel the soft warmth of the blanket I’m sat on and the cool strength of the bed posts behind me.

I’ve never wanted to be super busy, to have a fully booked schedule going from one thing to another; yet in the quiet I am tempted to doubt, to worry, to think my life is not as full as it should be – and if not full how can it be fulfilling?

But that is a lie. Full and fulfilling are two very different things.

The truth is I love times where there is nothing urgent that has to be done now, in the next hour or at all – all of today! I hear the washing machine rinsing, fan cooling, pool pump cleaning – all doing their work and I sit, breathe in and out, and rest from mine.

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