Had our first proper rain the other day! It’s been weeks without rain here and then came the thunder and lightning. Beautiful! Powerful and amazing.

Been 2 weeks at my shifts at the OM Café/ Bookshop and so far I have got to make white chocolate cake, muffins, brownies and meringues. The most amazing thing is there is this lovely lady that they hire to do all the cleaning & washing! Everything you just put on the side when you are done and she washes it all, dries it and packs it back ready to use again. There are even stations in the kitchen where you can just leave the mess you’ve made and then she comes along and clears it all up for you, fresh to start again! And she puts clean cloths in strategic places around the kitchen counters and washes and replaces them for you as you use them. This is her job! She cleans and tidies after everyone – it’s unbelievable. I feel kind of guilty not having to clean up after myself but it is such a blessing, as anyone who knows how much I don’t like washing up will know, so I am determined to enjoy it and be eternally grateful!

So tired. Thought half way through the day: “oh this is much easier, I must be adjusted already”. Then 2 hours later the tiredness hit and in the evening over dinner I just wanted to sleep in my plate. I start work at 8am and leave at 5pm, but often leave at 7.30am and only get back at 6.30pm. And I learn new things everyday, meet new people, try understand more Afrikaans. I think my brain just says, “that’s enough, I need to switch off now so you can have half a hope of remembering any of this tomorrow”!

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