First impressions

I’m in a foreign country! Everything is different, the ground, the people, the languages; I hardly recognise any of the plants or birds. It’s all flat – all bungalow houses all stretched out across the earth – and seemingly tied down, rooted in it due to the greens, browns, creams and oranges chosen for decoration.

Beautiful Bright Bougainvilleas

My shower is a walled tiled cubicle with a sliding glass door in the front but it doesn’t go all the way to the celling so I have a ledge just about head height to store all my shower stuff. Absolutely no mould / damp in sight! The shower head is one of those massive ones that sits right above you and covers all of you! I use my face cloth last thing at night and hang it up – in the morning I go in and it is dried stiff. I spilt me tea on the plastic table outside and half an hour later when I got up to go in it had all evaporated. And it’s unusually cold! Its 17 degrees but still SO dry. And everything has this faint scent of dust but earthy dust – the fine red African sand that’s get everywhere – even my pillow.

The water comes out the tap tinged brown and sediment builds up around the plug hole. My tea seems half as hot as usual and just doesn’t taste the same as I am at an altitude of 4,500ft.

The streets are wide and often empty – I don’t think I have seen more than 20 people in one place at one time, it’s more like drips and drabs, although this is a long weekend with a public holiday on Tuesday: ‘Heritage Day’.

I haven’t been anywhere by myself as it’s not safe, apart from wondering around the airport and a small local mall I have yet to be alone in public.

I feel rather isolate from the rest of the world as I have yet to get a South African sim and my UK phone would cost to call or txt from, not even worth considering using any data! Thinking of many of my favourite people and would love to share more but can’t.

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