My sister showed me a pattern for this extra cute mouse and then a friend of mine gave me Hobbycraft vouchers for my birthday! So I went and bought all sorts of knitting stuff I had told myself in the past that I could do without – namely stitchmarkers and row counter. Still not sure what I am going to do with pretty multi-coloured wool but I’ll think of something. And extra needles always come in handy (will do my best not to loose these down the sofa – hee hee).

Lois' gift

Then I got right down to knitting up this Mouse which I almost managed to do in an evening and would have finished but needed fresh eyes to do its tiny eyes! I added on the whiskers after a few “helpful” comments from friends. Absolutely love it and obviously proceeded to give it away to my cousin as a birthday present! So will be knitting another soon.


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